Wind Farm Proposed for DeKalb-Lee County Line Area

One hundred and fifty-one 398-foot wind turbines have been proposed along the DeKalb-Lee County line area, according to a public notice from DeKalb County. There are 133 planned for southwestern DeKalb County and 18 across the Lee County line.

Here is where you can find the owners of the properties.

It will be spread over four townships in western DeKalb County and an unknown number in Lee County.

The DeKalb townships are Milan, Afton, Clinton and Shabbana, all of which can be seen on this map of southwestern DeKalb County.

The developer is FPL Energy Illinois Wind, LLC (a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC), located at 700 Universe Blvd., Juno Beach, Florida.

Names of the individual land owners are listed on the zoning notice.

A zoning hearing will be held Thursday, February 19, 2009 at 7 PM in the DeKalb County Health Department, Multi-Purpose Room, at 2574 N. Annie Glidden in DeKalb.

Note the location of the high power lines in the area and the pink areas, where the wind blows the most. (Click to enlarge the maps.)

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The wind mills shown are at Paw Paw west of Interstate 39.


Wind Farm Proposed for DeKalb-Lee County Line Area — 3 Comments

  1. These wind "farms" are the latest & greatest boondogle out there. These developers swoop in, dole out alittle cash, construct these useless monsters, and then leave the locals to suffer thru the noise, vibration and shadowing they cause. Well, as long as somebody is making a quick mil, who cares about the little guy let to live with the mess, right? What a shame that the "stimulus" package will only speed up the reckless construction of these half-baked "green" energy monsters! What a crock…and Lee Co. board members like to boast that they have the most in the state! Hardly something to be proud of…as it is just clear evidence of the lack of concern those board members have for the citizens that voted to put them in their positions. Time to vote out the useless "old boys" sitting in control of the citizens wellfare.

  2. I have driven withen 12 feet of the base of a turbine- I could hear nothing. The vibration is a fraction of living within a block of a train.And they are in the middle of corn fields- hello!!! and SHADOWING..please.

    Coal slags cover the country side in the appalacia- I can see a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT FROM MY FRONT PORCH. Useless green nonesense- I hope that people like you are not the only voices people are hearing.
    PS the cash to deconstruct these turbines is tucked away and can be used at anytime after the terms of contract or if the businesses go under.

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