Mike Skala, John Burkey in Variety Show

There was a big “D158” in the headline of Elgin’s Courier-News, so I took a look at the article.

This first entry caught my attention:

“A political skit will be performed by Dr. John Burkey, D158 superintendent; Dave Jenkins, D158 chief operations officer, and Mike Skala, D158 board member.”

Jenkins must be the one who replaced Glen Stewart.

As I looked at more of the article, I saw that board member Kim Skaja was show’s chairperson for the Sunday, February 15th 2 PM event to raise money for the Consolidated School District 158 Educational Foundation. (Correction made here. See comment below.)

I hope someone videos the skit and puts it on YouTube.

Skala is running against fellow incumbent Larry Snow for a two-year term on April 7th.

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