Island Lake Democrats Imploding

Let me first point out that village officials are elected on a non-partisan basis.

But, in Island Lake there has been a bitter Republican-Democrat split.

The Democrats are now in control.

The news today is that a second Democrat on the Island Lake village board has gotten arrested.

The first was Mayor Tom Hyde, who was arrested for forgery.

Now, last fall’s opponent to State Rep. Mark Beaubien (R-Barrington Hills), Rich Garling has been arrested for battery.

The Northwest Herald reports Gina Meeks, the wife of David Meeks, whose village trustee petitions were disqualified by an electon board on which Garling sat, said,

“Good job, stupid.”

“He took his hand and hit me on my back as hard as he could,” Mrs. Meeks told the Island Lake Police, according to Sarah Sutschek’s article.

The article notes the charging of former Republican Mayor Charles Amrich and Village Clerk Christine Becker with misconduct, but missing Hyde’s more recent arrest in the internet version of the article.

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Of strictly historic interest, Garling told me that his father was beaten by a young Bill Cellini for Streets Commissioner in Springfield, Illinois.

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