Agenda Posted for MCC Special Meeting

Beating the two-day mandated deadline, McHenry County College officials have posted the agenda for its special meeting to hear in public BMB Communications Management’s proposal to buy “3.67 acres of MCC real estate.”

President John Macquire will make the presentation at the 7 PM Wednesday night meeting.

There is no indication that the public will be able to ask any questions, a procedure consistent with the college board’s approval of its minor league baseball stadium.

Each will be able to comment for

“Three (3) minutes.”

That will be at the end of the meeting after board members get to ask their questions. Board members, of course, have had the opportunity to ask questions at their top secret, hush-hush meeting for the last eleven, now almost twelve months.

I figure the college officials who drew up the agenda want to make sure all of us know that “three” means “3.”

This is the same amount of time allowed for folks at meetings where the college is not selling land where the tallest structure in State of Illinois will be built.

Thus sayest “George Lowe, Chair.”

Wouldn’t you think that people would get at least one second per foot of the 1,500 foot proposed broadcast tower?

That would be 25 minutes. Not many would take that long, but it would be symbolic.

Fortunately, Mr. Macquire and the engineer he told will come will be sworn to tell the truth at a required subsequent Crystal Lake Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, so there will be an opportunity to ask questions that the college board seems intent upon preventing.

The college has reserved the Conference Room, but it will appear empty, because virtually no details have been released.

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The TV broadcast tower you see above is 1,263 feet tall. It is located in Kiev, Ukraine, and is from Wikipedia.

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