Care-A-Vanners Help Habitat for Humanity

The United Methodist Men the Saturday before last were blessed with not one, but two speakers on Habitat for Humanity.

The first was retired First Congregational Church of Huntley Pastor Ronald Woodruff. He talked about the organization’s efforts in McHenry County.

Donna Burkett was the second. Her topic was Habitat for Humanity’s recreational vehicle ministry.

It’s called Care-A-Vanners.

She explained that Habitat for Humanity partner families provide 200-500 hours of sweat equity, pointing out that it could be family and friends.

And that they have to work it in between their day jobs.

“By the time they get their house, they’re really a part of it,” she said.

“The ‘builds’ last two weeks” but they have weekends off.

Usually there 8-20 people that gather from all over the country at a given site.

“No experience is necessary. You’ll get it on the site,” Burkett explained.

“All you need is a willing heart and a desire to get involved.”

The RV owners are provided a place to park.

And, “they really take care of you,” she continued, referring to food.

Participants need a tool belt, a square, a hammer and maybe a couple of other items I didn’t catch, but the web site will fill in the details.

What do you get out of the experience?

“You gain an experience to express God’s love.

“You learn about poverty.

“You help people.

“You change their lives for generations.”

Denny Butson told of a plane survey of Dade County after Hurricane Andrew. The plane flew over a subdivision where only two houses were left.

It turns out those two houses were built by Habitat for Humanity.

“That’s because when the specs say put in four nails per shingle, the volunteers hammer in four nails per shingle,” he explained, adding that when four nails will do, volunteers often put in six to make sure.

“Thank you for letting us talk about our passion, which is Habitat for Humanity,” Burkett concluded her talk at the First United Church of Crystal Lake.

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