Junior College Finally Posts Some Mega-Tower Information, Including Proposed Contract with BMB

I noticed about 7 PM that McHenry County’s junior college—and it certainly deserves to be called a “junior” college, rather than a “community” college—finally posted some information about the BMB Communications management 1,500 foot broadcast tower, taller than the Sears Tower.

Remember, this started almost twelve months ago.

There was plenty of time to put together an informative package.

Over 4 megabytes. Even that looks as if it is less complete than what board members learned in secret session almost a year ago at its top secret, hush-hush meeting.

A “community” college would have done so far enough ahead of Wednesday’s 7 PM auditorium meeting for people to be absorb and discuss, but not good ol’ MCC.

No index for the board agenda. That would be too helpful.

$15,000 earnest money down. Price of the 3.6 acres, 400 by 400 foot parcel to be determined by an appraiser selected by the college, who just might consider the $57,000 an acre paid last year by the college for the Gilger property just north of the site.

$6 million less that purchase price to the college or to the Friends of McHenry County College Foundation.

It would be a charitable tax deductible donation in either event, but the taxpayers’ representatives do not control the Foundation. Sounds like the way the McHenry County Conservation District created a non-taxpayer-controlled foundation as a home for $1 million payment to avoid tax district restrictions.

But the six million won’t come until BMB gets commitments from four broadcasters. Another $1 million would come to either the college or the foundation—the college’s choice—if and only if a fifth “subscriber” can be found within five years.

Looks as if real estate agent Cindi McDonald won’t get a commission, even though she was in on the first meeting between John Macquire and the MCC board.

And, the purchase is contingent on re-zoning to allow the tallest structure in the State of Illinois.

That and other government permissions must be obtained within about a year and a half.

The purchaser shall have a permanent easement across MCC property over a driveway BMB will construct.

BMB will get the right to sell off the “rights and duties” it obtains without MCC’s permission.

A confidentiality clause has been “intentionally deleted.”

The packet also identifies the role of Mr. Kirschner for the first time. He deals with radio frequencies under the name of Alan Kirschner of Kirschner Broadcast Services, LLC. He studied “radio frequency power density for the proposed tower.”

“…the general public will be exposed to a limit of only 0.125% of the maximwn the FCC allows for controlled areas…the power density at ground level within the vicinity of the proposed tower will not create a health issue for any persons,” Kirchner concluded.

Same “no problem” conclusion that the T-Mobile expert came to with regard to the proposed 300 foot cell phone tower in Ken Bird Park, the broadcast engineer concluded.

The antenna itself, according to Kirchner’s memo has not yet been designed.

MCC President Walt Packard includes a short memo telling of a review being conducted “of potential liabilities to the College from having a ±1500’ radio and television broadcasting tower adjacent to the College.

“This information is being prepared by Mr. Daniel C. Free, the College’s insurance consultant, who is general counsel for the Insurance Audit & Inspection Company.”

Free’s report is supposed to be ready at Wednesday’s meeting. Packard’s memo was written only last Friday.

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Since there is no picture and the biggest potential complaint will probably be visual pollution, Heck of a Guy blogger Allan Showalter has superimposed a height-adjusted Kiev broadcast tower (which is 1,263 feet tall) in the approximate location on the MCC campus.

The photo on which it is imposed was take from Lakewood’s Gate 7 Beach. The white at the bottom of the picture is of the snow on Crystal Lake.

BMB Communications Management President John Macquire can be see with Alan Kirchner at the McHenry County College board meeting on February 28, 2008.

The little photo next to the tower is of two MCC employees covering up the windows of the MCC board room while Macguire was making his presentation.

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