Limiting Competition

I was a bit surprised when I opened the Chicago Sun-Times today and saw a photo of McHenry County’s State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) on page 2.

His photo was right under a headline saying,


“You can’t cross examine an affidavit,” the quote next to his picture read.

Burris “has an obligation to come clean.”

Franks is correct, of course.

Burris should be brought back before the Impeachment Committee and asked questions much more rigorously.

But could there be something more happening than what is on the surface?

As Franks attack on Burris was being emphasized in the Sun-Times, Attorney General Lisa Madigan was telling the Chicago Tribune that the Republican Sangamon County State’s Attorney John Schmidt should investigate Burris for perjury.

Meanwhile, State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias has been to Greece with senior United States Senator Dick Durbin.

Giannoulias has been talking about running for governor.

As has Lisa Madigan.

And, you know I think Jack Franks is angling for a statewide office. I first advanced this idea in May, 2006.

So, if Madigan can help Giannoulias capture the U.S. Senate seat, that’s one less person in the primary election against Pat Quinn.

And, if Giannoulias is vacating the state treasurer slot and Madigan her position as attorney general, that’s two more openings for statewide office.

Of course, there is already one for lieutenant governor.

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You see State Rep. Jack Franks shaking hands with to-be-U.S. Senator Roland Burris after Burris finishes his testimony before the Illinois House Impeachment Committee on January 9th.

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