McHenry County Submits Stimulus Package Possibilities

There is no official way to submit proposals for the new stimulus package, so an association of the largest counties in Illinois took it upon themselves to develop their own list.

County Administrator Peter Austin emailed me,

“We submitted it as a part of the Metro Counties organization to CMAP (a combination of the old NIPC and CATS) and the IL Senatorial Task Force called for by Senator (John) Cullerton and Chaired by Senator (Michael) Bond.”

Below is what McHenry County government submitted:

McHenry County “READY TO GO” Project Survey

Transportation Projects


1. Chapel/Lincoln Intersection reconstruction – $1.8 million

2. Fleming Road Reconstruction with porous pavement – $3.5 million


3. Critical Priority County Resurfacing (approx 42 lane miles) – $8 million – Includes the following roads which are rated at a 4.0 or worse on the MCDOT Pavement Condition Rating Survey:

a. Pyott Road
b. Chapel Hill Road
c. Franklinville Road
d. Hobe Road
e. Maple Street
f. Ramer Road
g. Deep Cut/Nelson Road
h. Hampshire Road
i. Burlington Road

2. High Priority County Resurfacing (approx 97 lane miles) – $18 million – Includes the following roads which are rated between a 4.0 and 5.25 on the MCDOT Pavement Condition Rating Survey:

a. Roberts Road
b. Lawrence Road
c. Cary Road
d. Lake-Cook Road
e. Flat Iron Road
f. Marengo Road (in Huntley)
g. Miller Road
h. Harmony Road
i. River Road
j. Hartland Road

3. Randall Road resurfacing – $4 million – Randall is rated at a 5.25 on the MCDOT Pavement Condition Rating Survey

Bridge Projects

4. McHenry County has 12 bridges planned for replacement over the next 5 years. All are Federally eligible and the County is anticipating replacement costs at about $1 million per bridge for a total of $12 million. The bridges are:

a. Kishwaukee Valley Road,
b. Graf Road (1 county and 1 township)
c. Dunham Road (1 county and 1 township)
d. Lawrence Road (1 county and 1 township)
e. Union Road
f. Hill Road
g. Noe Road
h. County Line Road
i. Blivin Road

Construction Projects

1. Former Woodstock Cardunal Bank Renovation – to become new County Treasurer’s Office

Size of project: 5700 square feet
Renovation costs: $416,603
Contingency 10%: $ 41,603
Arch/Professional Fees $ 56,078
FFE $ 80,000
Miscellaneous $ 42,500

2. Sheriff’s Evidence Facility Expansion/County Archive Facility Addition – Demolition of Annex V

Size of project: 63,038 of building demolition at Annex V
25,000 square foot addition to Evidence Facility
Demolition costs: $ 346,200
Expansion costs: $3,750,500
Contingency $ 187,525
Arch/Professional Fees $ 300,040
FFE $ 562,575
Miscellaneous $ 122,901

3. Site Improvements to County Government Campus – including expanded roads, sewer and water

Construction costs: $13,489,500
Contingency: $ 674,475
Arch/Professional Fees: $ 1,079,160
Miscellaneous $ 404,685

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