Mega-Broadcast Tower Promoters Ask Delay in Consideration

The McHenry County College agenda for its Committee of the Whole meeting last night was amended before the meeting really got started.

Board Chairwoman Mary Miller announced that MCC attorney Sandy Kerrick had been contacted by BMB Communications Management, which had asked that discussion of its proposal to purchase 3.6 acres of land be delayed.

So much for the rapid approval that I expected to happen at Thursday’s regular meeting, I guess.

If there is great community interest, it certainly did not show itself Monday night. I was the only one to offer public comment. No pilots appeared.

There were two points:

First, the college should show constituents what the tower will look like during the day and the night. Let us see what red and white strobe lights will look like running up and down the 1,500 foot tower during the day and at night.

Surely there is a similar tower someone can video and provide the college. That’s pretty much what I said to promoter John Maguire in my email last weekend.

Secondly, the college should hire an expert in broadcast tower finances since no one on the board has that expertise. I asked if the board were certain that the site wasn’t worth $30 million, pointing out that the college had refused to provide any evidence that anyone had done due diligence on the financial end of the deal.

Guess the next move is up to BMB.

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The views of the proposed BMB tower above show it bending in the wind on the left and standing upright on the right. A picture of the Eiffel Tower has be laid in next to the radio broadcast towers now adjacent to McHenry County College. The 1,500 foot BMB tower will be 41% higher than the Eiffel Tower. Unlike the Eiffel Tower, there will be no public elevator or observation deck.

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