Nunda Township Trustee Fight – Advantage Team Nunda

Two incumbent township trustees were dumped by Republican voters in Nunda Township.

One, Kevin Sarnwick, was an appointed incumbent.

The other Richard Meyers was also an appointed incumbent.

Taking them out were newcomer Joni Smith and rejected appointed trustee aspirant Kevin Jennings.

The results follow:

  • Tom Palmer – 581
  • Joni Smith – 540
  • James Schlader – 512
  • Kevin Jennings – 480

Notice the fall off of votes for Team Nunda candidates as folks proceeded down the ballot. Their order is the same as on the Team Nunda signs.

Results for the two who lost follow:

  • Richard Meyers – 412
  • Kevin Sarnwick – 388


Nunda Township Trustee Fight – Advantage Team Nunda — 2 Comments

  1. Kevin Sarnwick was not elected. He was appointed to replace Mary Donner two years ago when she was elected to the county board to replace Ann Kate.

  2. Thanks for the correction. I didn’t realized he was appointed.

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