Illinois Defense Department Pork

Looking at the web site of Taxpayers for Common Sense is a list in the Defense appropriation bill.

We published the list from the Commerce, Justice and Science bill yesterday.

Again, nothing I can see for McHenry County, but Republican 16th District Congressman Don Manzullo has his name on $5.5 million. I see none for 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean (D-Barrington). She had some in yesterday’s list, but Kane County’s Democrat, Bill Foster has some significant chunks.

The projects are listed alphabetically by the last name of the sponsoring United States Representative or Senator Dick Durbin, who sponsored some by himself.

You may be amazed at the number of projects sponsored by Peoria’s Ray LaHood. The Republican left office last month and is now President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Transportation.

OM, AF $800,000 Costello, Durbin – Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection of Aging Aircraft Structures

RDTE,A $4,400,000 Costello, LaHood, Durbin – High Explosive Air Burst (HEAB) 25mm Ammunition

RDTE, A $2,000,000 Davis, Durbin – Expansion and Development Upper and Lower Bionic Limbs

RDTE,AF $1,600,000 Davis – Advanced Thermal Control Coatings for Space Applications

RDTE,DW $2,400,000 Davis, et al – Defense Leadership and Technology Initiative

OM,ARNG $4,000,000 Durbin, etc. – Expandable Light Air Mobility Shelters (ELAMS) and Contingency Response Communications System (CRCS)

RDTE, A $2,000,000 Durbin – Burn and Shock Treatment Institute

RDTE, A $800,000 Durbin – Columbia College Chicago Construct Program

RDTE,A $4,600,000 Durbin – Small Business Infrared Material Manufacturing – Silicon Alternative Substrates

RDTE,A $4,000,000 Emanuel, Durbin , etc. – Next Generation Diesel Engine for Ground Engines

DHP $4,800,000 Foster, Davis and Durbin – Protein Therapy

RDTE,A $1,200,000 Foster, Durbin – Neutron/Hadron Particle Therapy

OM,A $5,000,000 Hare, Durbin etc. – Rock Island Arsenal, Building # 299 Root Removal and Replacement, Phase III

WTCV,A $4,200,000 Hare, Durbin, etc. – Arsenal Support Program Initiative, Rock Island – Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center

OM, DV $1,200,000 Jackson – Thorium/ Magnesium Excavation – Blue Island

RDTE, A $800,000 Jackson – Fuel Cells for Mobile Robotic Systems Project

RDTE,A $640,000 Johnson – Highly Reliable, Maintenance Free Remote Solar Power System

RDTE,A $800,000 Johnson, Durbin – Miniature Cooling Unit for Electronic Devices

RDTE,DW $800,000 Johnson – Integrated Signature Production and Exploitation

RDTE,N $800,000 Johnson, Durbin – Cross Domain Network Access System

DHP $800,000 LaHood – Pediatric Medication and Administration Product and Training

GP $5,000,000 LaHood – STEM Education Research Center

OM, ARNG $2,400,000 LaHood, Davis – Advanced Trauma Training Course for the Illinois Army National Guard

PA, AF $2,500,000 LaHood, Costello, etc. – PGU-14 API Armor Piercing Incendiary, 30mm Ammunition

RDTE, A $4,000,000 LaHood, Durbin – 302 Advanced Battery Technology

RDTE,AF $4,000,000 LaHood, Durbin – Scorpion Low Cost Helmet Mounted Cueing and Information Display System

RDTE,N $1,200,000 Lipinski, etc. – E-Beam Free Form Repair Qualification

RDTE,A $2,000,000 Manzullo, Hare, Durbin – Illinois Center for Defense Manufacturing

RDTE,AF $3,500,000 Manzullo, Durbin – Integrated Power for Aircraft Technologies (INPACT II)

RDTE, A $1,600,000 Rush, Durbin – Facilitating Use of Advanced Prosthetic Limb Technology

RDTE,A $2,000,000 Rush, Durbin – Modeling and Testing of Next Generation of Body Armor

RDTE,DW $1,200,000 Schakowsky – United Management Infrastructure System

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