Northwest Herald Makes Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse

I don’t know if this is a blatant admission that subscriptions are tanking or not, but the Northwest Herald had an offer at the Crystal Lake Expo that I couldn’t pass up.

I looked at the display, heard the young pitch woman say, “Subscribe to the Northwest Herald for $1 for six months” and asked,

“A dollar a month for six months?”

That I could have passed up.

“No, $1 for six months.”

I haven’t subscribed in a decade.

Now, I’m back for six months.

Maybe more, if the price doesn’t increase.

I don’t know how the Herald will get away with selling its subscriptions so cheaply. I thought that the Audit Bureau of Circulations only allowed its members to cut is subscription rates by 50%.

A half a penny an issue somehow seems to be a bit more of a discount than that, although it may approximate the marginal cost of printing an extra copy of the paper. But the paper will obviously lose money on delivering them. Maybe the Herald plans to make money on inserts.

Anyway, rush on over to the Expo and subscribe to the Herald.

I don’t know of any other local business desperate enough to discount its product by that much.

If they make the offer at other Expos, by all means sign up.

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