Pig Farmer’s Advice to Voters Everywhere

Island Lake pig farmer Bob Wargaski. he who fought and beat “city hall,” lives outside the village limits, but obviously has “had it up to here” with the way the incumbents have run things there.

He commissioned the cartoon you see with the message

He clearly hopes that Island Lake voters “clean house.”

In the pot are

Wargaski offers the following advice to voters, which is not limited to Island Lake’s:

“Even in times of uncertainty, you still live in the greatest democracy of the world.

“Embedded in the foundation that our predecessors created, is the opportunity for citizens to choose their governing leaders.

“It is all citizens’ responsibility to know the integrity, creed and qualifications of those they elect to represent them.

“As you approach your opportunity to exercise your voting rights, make sure you educate yourself on those candidates seeking to lead your local government.

“Are they qualified?

“Do they conduct themselves with integrity? Are they knowledgeable?

“Are they willing to seek the truth?

“You don’t want to elect those with a self-serving credo.

“Your choice will have lasting ramifications on your community.

“One way or another, you will be directly affected by those who are handed the scepter of power, good or bad.

“Long ago my grandfather said to me, ‘Listen to the mouth, but watch the feet, it is a dead giveaway to who the person really is.’”

Click to enlarge the cartoon or the picture of Bob Wargaski using his hand as a gun like two Island Lake village officials said “threatening” tee shirt wearing Vietnam Veteran Greg Kachka before they had him arrested.

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In the group shot was taken the day Fox News was in Island Lake to interview Greg Kachka. On Kachks’s flag-bedecked front lawn are Laurie Rabattini, who has the “What’s happening in Island Lake?” blog and running for village board, her finance, who was filming also, Rob Rekosiewicz, Tom Martin, a former trustee who wife is running for village clerk Bob Wargaski pointing with his unloaded hand, Dave Labuz, and Teresa and Village Trustee John Ponio, who is running for village president, plus homeowner Kachka, who is also running for village trustee. The village trustee candidate on the slate that Wargaski is supporting who is missing from the photo is local contractor Dwaine Schaal, whose family has been a part of Island Lake since its beginning. He’s interested in cleaning up the corruption in Island Lake.

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