TEA Parties Planned in Crystal Lake and Cary April 15th

You don’t have to go to Chicago to protest taxes that are too high.

The national “Taxed Enough Already” web site for two Crystal Lakers, James Thompson (815-459-2083) and Frank Frantz (815-444-0823).

I sent Thompson an email at the above address and got the following information:

“I am Jim Thompson of Crystal Lake. I listed myself as an organizer for a local teaparty on the website www.teapartyday.com. This is a grass roots tax protest organized against unbridled big government gross expansion.

I am coordinating with other local people so we can effectively direct interested people to an appropriate option. Your name is in my file and you will be apprised of developments.

Right now I would like your opinion on the following possible options:

1 — There will be a demonstration at the intersection of Main Street and Route14 in Crystal Lake between 12 noon and 1 pm on April 15. We plan to be on the southeast corner on the public sidewalk around the Home State. I have talked with the local police chief already. We can hold a demonstration with under 50 people with no problem.

It is important that I have a reasonably accurate idea of the number of people planning to attend so arrangements can be made if a large crowd appears. If you plan to attend, please contact me through the www.teapartyday.com network or email me here.

2 — There is a rally in downtown Chicago at Daley Plaza at 12 noon on April 15. Interested people could leave as a group on the train at 10 am from Crystal Lake.

3 — A bus has been hired to take demonstrators downtown. To find out about it, contact Joe Miller of Dundee here for details.

For any of these you bring your own sign.

Are you more interested in Illinois or US tax issues? Both?

Thompson goes on to talk about the Cary TEA Party, which I investigated myself and discuss below.

Cary-based John Bobrytzke (847-516-3777, CaryCoffeeStation@Yahoo.com) is holding a TEA Party at his coffee shop from 3-6 on April 15th. It is located at 7 W. Main Street, south of the tracks right across from the train station.

He figures people can stop in after coming home on the train.

“At noon, most people have jobs who are complaining about taxes,” he observed. The Chicago TEA Party is at noon.

Bring your own signs. I’d love to get pictures of a sign protesting Mayor Shepley’s and the city council’s 75% city sales tax hike and his and the council’s TIF Tax Hike.

And send me any photos you take. The email address is McHenry County Blog.

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