Illinois FOCA Aborted

Pressure on Illinois legislators got so high this week with Catholic Bishops putting on a full-court press in at least every parish north of I-80 and probably statewide that the bill to make abortion a fundamental right was not called for a vote.

House Bill 2354 is dead for this year.

Let me tell how this happens.

A majority of the members have taken what is euphemistically called “pro-choice” positions. That’s because they are afraid of Personal PAC, the virulently pro-abortion political action committee.

Personal PAC has convinced its strongest supporters to introduce its bill of choice (no pun intended).

The language is outrageous to so many people that a firestorm starts among the grassroots.

People who would not normally take any interest in politics approach state legislators and express their opinion.

Legislators supporting the bill get nervous.

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They convince the sponsors to soften the bill’s wording.

But it is too late.

The firestorm has been ignited too widely.

Those who have committed to vote in favor of the bill go to chief sponsors Barbara Flynn Currie and Rosemary Mulligan and tell them they are for the bill, of course, but too much opposition has arisen, asking if they couldn’t they vote on the bill next year after the primary election.

The sponsors capitulate for this year.

But, be certain that the battle is not over.

Opponents need to have a plan ready for next February.

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