Mike Shorten Gets a Bonus Article

As I was walking around my precinct (Algonquin 7) today, I noticed a couple of Crystal Lake City Council challenger Mike Shorten’s handouts.

They were in plastic bags and I took one that had not been picked up by the homeowner since he or one of his volunteers left it.

I publish it today because I like to encourage candidates to campaign in this precinct. The more people encouraging people to vote, the higher the turnout percentage.

Before I was defeated in 2000 for precinct committeeman and state representative—both by a concerted effort by the pro-abortion Personal PAC—regularly over 50% of the precinct voted. That was after 36 years of my father’s and my writing letters and contacting voters urging them to vote.

My replacement did zilch and turnout declined. No big surprise there.

In any event, here is Shorten’s literature (click to enlarge):

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