School Sales Tax Passes in Champaign County

School folks throughout Downstate (let’s use the old definition of “everything outside of Cook County”) will be talking about Champaign County’s having just passed a sales tax to fund school construction and remodeling in this low turnout election.

I learned by reading the election round-up article on Illini Pundit.

The one percentage point school sales tax passed 53-47, by about 1,550 votes countywide. It will raise $18 million a year, if the county board goes along.

Differential turnout is what elections are all about. He that get his voters to the polls wins the election.

Last November, the educational sales tax proposal failed in Champaign County by 262 out of almost 77,000 votes cast. School districts were marshalling their forces during the spring, this story reports. Here’s the fall campaign.

Lake County educators have discussed a similar proposal, but backed away from a countywide referendum last year.

Mayor Aaron Shepley’s 75% city sales tax hike and DuPage County Republicans and other legislator’s tripling of the RTA’s sales tax in McHenry County is probably all that kept local educators from making a similar proposal.

WCIA-TV says that the referendum was “an advisory referendum” and that “County Board members say they plan to vote in line with what voters want. But legally, they can lower the tax amount or strike the idea all-together. Schools understand the battle isn’t behind them yet.”

If you would like details on what the new school sales tax law allows, take a look at this story.

Note from the logo above that the school people do not know the difference between one percent and one percentage point. Their proposal was most certainly a one percent sales tax increase. They are not the only math-impaired liberals in Illinois.

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