Algonquin Area Residents TEA Party on Route 62

Those who went to Algonquin to protest being “Taxes Enough Already” were pretty much gone when my friend Pete Castillo and I arrived after taking part in the record-breaking demonstration in Crystal Lake.

Fortunately, Algonquin’s Stan Gladbach sent me some photos he took at the Algonquin Road protest site.

We did see these folks leaving.

You can see signs saying

  • Don’t Mortgage My CHILD’s Future
  • Obamaconomics, Chains You Can Believe In
  • Say “NO” to Socialism
I took the photo above because the gravel truck’s horn was blaring as it went east on Route 62.

Gladbach got a couple of shots with the unfinished Riverside Condos in the background.

Here’s another one, a bit closer to the action.

I really like the composition of this shot of protesters shot through the Cornish Park arch.

Here you see a man who usually photographs life much wilder than this flag and tea bag carrying dog and his master getting in some practice on a different venue.

Don’t you love the message on the “TARP” sign?




reads the sign in front of what was left of the Algonquin TEA Party at about 1 PM.

I found one of the few signs that were produced by the national TEA Party organizers in Algonquin…plus an ordinary tea bag.

But, as I mentioned above, what I saw was the tail end of the demonstration. Above is what its peak looked like.

Here’s another truck whose driver was laying on his horn while driving past.

I couldn’t figure the initials on this sign out until the man carrying it told me the “BHO” stood for President Barack Obama’s initials. Funny how newspapers don’t use his initials. Remember “JFK” and “LBJ?”

Here are some women who are about ready to wrap up their demonstrating against taxes they think are so high.

Don’t you love this flag covered protester carrying a sign that says,

Give Me
Not Debt

Here are some folks who were posing for my camera.

Here are some more people about to finish up their public service for the day.

The Cary Route 14 demonstration will be the next one covered.

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Algonquin Area Residents TEA Party on Route 62 — 2 Comments

  1. Wow- the poster comparing taxation to rape is a new low in an already pretty abysmal collection. Anyone who’d had anyone go through the ordeal of sexual assault would be appalled by that comparison.

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