Another Reality Show Proposal

Today Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass had a field day Wednesday suggesting Chicago-based TV shows for former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

More clever, however, is one suggested by Northwest Herald cartoonist Wallace.

He conceives of


He shows a beefy inmate dancing with Rod saying,

“Your hair
smells nice.”

The cutline is

“The Rod Blagojevich
reality show we’d all like to see.”

It’s clever, but in poor taste, in my opinion.

The reason is that men really do get raped in prison.

I just don’t think joking about rape, whether of women or men is in good taste.

Perhaps someone at the Northwest Herald had second thoughts, because this April 20, 2009, cartoon is not shown on the editorial cartoon page.


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  1. I agrree with you wholeheartedly Cal- just not funny no matter how many times the joke is made.

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