Walking the Walk – Gov. Pat Quinn Leads by Example

Governor Pat Quinn has released his income tax forms to at least the Chicago Sun-Times.

Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney reports today that Quinn earned $120,226 last year.

More interesting to me was that he contributed to $12,379 to charitable organizations.

Over 10%.

10.26%, to be more exact.

You will remember the Biblical suggestion that believers tithe 10% of their income to church. In fact, tithe meant a tenth in Old English.

Why is this worth a story?

Check out what now-President Barack Obama gave to charity before and after he gained the national spotlight.

Compare what Obama, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and retired President George W. Bush contributed to the percentage donated by Quinn.

All are less than what Methodist Church founder John Wesley recommended:

Gain all you can.

Save all you can.

Give all you can.

Wesley died with very little, having given away what he got as it came to him.

Any other politicians who want to share their percentage of charitable giving, drop me a line at McHenry County Blog.

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