Why John Gray Is a Republican

While scanning Gray Matters, a newly-found Crystal Lake blogger’s posts and, I found this essay on why author Crystal Lake John Gray is a Republican:

August 31, 2008

Why I Am A Republican

On a philosophical note, being middle class, I can safely say that most of our elected officials have no idea (or have long since forgotten) what its like to be middle class.

They are mostly men of priviledge.

Some made their own wealth, some inherited it but they do not have to worry about the day to day personal issues that we do.

They often become victims of their own egos, thinking they know what we need more than we do. So, when election time comes, we are often left with the choice of who is the best person for the position but who is the lesser of two evils. It is unfortunate but its reality.

I remember that my father, a stanch union man and Democrat, who’d say that the Democrats are the party of the working class.

As I grew older and made my way in the world, I realized that my father was wrong.

While the Democrats supported unions, they didn’t support corporations. Corporations employ the working class.

Maybe the Republicans were the party of the working class after all.

Well, I worked for large and small corporations and realized that there is no party that is the party of the working class but in some ways both are.

Democrats support unions. Unions are good. The union allowed my father, who barely graduated high school, to have a decent wage and a happy life.

Wait, they want to tax capital gains and corporations higher causing corporations to have less profit and thus less money to hire more workers/raise pay with.

They also want to take taxpayers’ money and re-distribute it to those who aren’t employed.

Some of those can’t work (elderly, handicapped) so that’s good but they also want to give that money some able-bodied persons who choose not to work.

That’s bad.

What tipped the scale for me was the following things.

One was the realization that giving people money is (not) nearly as good for them as earning it is. The inner cities are full of people who have been let down by the government because they handed them checks instead of helping them find jobs or encouraging business growth to the point that it need more employees. There is a self dignity that comes from hard work and earning your own way that you will carry with through life.

The second thing that made me a Republican is moral issues.

  • I oppose abortion although I am okay with allowing it in rape and incest cases. (And he has a new argument against abortion.)
  • I don’t think we should allow human cloning. It seems too much like playing God. I don’t like embryonic stem cell research.
  • I also don’t think there should be gay marriage.
  • I like the idea of a small federal government and strong state governments. I like lower taxes.
  • I like to think that if/when I work hard enough to get into they upper class, the government won’t take a higher percentage of my money.
  • I think capital punishment is necessary, not as a deterrent but to completely & permanently punish the criminal.
  • I believe that the 2nd Amendment is necessary to insure that our nation remains a democracy.

There’s probably a few things that I forgot but I think that’s the bulk of it.

John Gray was raised in Crystal Lake and he is building an IT consulting business, Gray Matter Innovations, plus having a heavy duty dog tag firm called Dogs4ID.

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