MCC Administrators Authorized to Spent Up To $25,000 Without Prior Board Approval

State law was changed to allow it, so that makes it good judgment, I guess.

Before Thursday night’s action, the McHenry County College Board required prior approval for all purchases over $5,000.

Trust, what a wonderful human characteristic.

Checks and balances?

That went out with the Federalist Papers.

I’m still waiting for finance guy who looks over the president’s invoices to tell me if President Walt Packard apparently inadvertently charged his wife’s meal on the voucher I found from a trip to Washington or New York City.

The graphic is compliments of Crystal Lake Heck of a Guy blogger Allan Showalter. He is probably best known locally for his Dick Tracy for County Seal campaign.

Are you curious enough about what is written on the parachute and the billboard to click on the image to enlarge it?

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