McHenry County College Board Giving Walt Packard and Sick Wife Get Health Insurance for 3 1/2 Years

Last Friday when I read a Northwest story online quoting a statement the college had released about the deal that had been cut with outgoing MCC President Walt Packard, I immediately requested a copy.

It finally arrived Wednesday.

Not exactly a good example for transparency.

Missing from the NW Herald article is that

health insurance is going to be provided Packard and his ailing wife for three and a half years—over two years after he goes off the over $15,500 a month dole mid-year in 2010.

Somehow that seems important.

Statement Concerning the Employment Relationship Between McHenry County College and Dr. Walter J. Packard

Since July 2003, Dr. Packard served as the President of McHenry County College (the “College”[just in case you didn’t know]). Earlier this year, Dr. Packard retired from the position of President in order to care for his wife who suffers from a debilitating medical condition.

Dr. Walter Packard is presently employed by the College as President Emeritus. His service in this role will continue through June 30, 2010.

In exchange for Dr. Packard’s service as President Emeritus, the College will continue to compensate him at his previous annual salary rate of One Hundred Eighty-Eight Thousand, Five Hundred Sixty-Four Dollars ($188,564) through June 30, 2010, prorated accordingly.

In addition to his annual salary, the College will continue to provide Dr. Packard with a continuation of benefits, including payment of his statutorily required contribution to the State of Illinois Retirement System (SURS) and a matching of Dr. Packard’s voluntary contributions to an appropriate tax deferred annuity in an amount up to Twelve Thousand Dollars ($12,000).

Dr. Packard will also continue to be enrolled in the College’s medical, dental, and vision insurance plans through June 30, 2010, and upon his retirement as President Emeritus, the College will pay the Board’s percentage share of the premium cost of health insurance coverage for Dr. Packard and his spouse for the period from July 1, 2010 through August 21, 2012.
(Emphasis provided.)

As President Emeritus, Dr. Packard serves at the direction of the Board through the Interim President and, upon the appointment of the successor President, the President.

Over the course of his employment, Dr. Packard has been and continues to be involved in providing consulting services to the College.

Among his services, he is providing on-going support to “The Promise” campaign, which is the largest community-funded scholarship program in the College’s history.

He is also expected to attend community functions on behalf of the College.

On a regular basis, the College will seek his input concerning the needs of the College community, fiscal and otherwise, and how best the College can meet those needs.

As during his tenure as President, Dr. Packard will continue to represent the College and participate in national conferences for higher education.

For example, earlier this month Dr. Packard attended the American Association of Community Colleges Annual Convention and co-presented the following topics:

  • “What Trustees Want: The Next Generation of Community College Presidents,”
  • “Cut Through the Hype: The Executive’s Web 2.0 Toolkit,” and
  • “Diversifying our Faculty for our 21st Century Students.”

Dr. Packard also co-presented the topic of “Leveraging Your Systems Portfolio: Supporting Institutional Dialogue and Organizational Learning.”

In connection with that presentation, Dr. Packard co-published an article in “A Collection of Papers and Self-Study and Institutional Improvement” published by the Higher Learning Commission. His speaking engagements will continue throughout his service as President Emeritus.

So, over $15,500 per month in compensation through the end of June, 2010.

Health insurance for him and his sick wife through August 21, 2012.

That’s over three years from now, folks.

And, junkets around the country to give talks which will not focus on what he has learned from his lack of transparent leadership.

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The illustration is of Mel Brooks during the singing of “It’s good to be the king.”

The golden parachuting Walt Packard was created by Crystal Lake Heck of a Guy blogger Walt Packard.

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