Message of the Day – Billboards

At the intersection of Routes 31 and 176, two health care systems have dueling billboards.

I noticed the one on Route 176 first. It faces east, so commuters returning to Crystal Lake can read it.

It’s advertising Advocate Good Shepherd’s new intermediate care facility across from the new Metra Pingree Grove station.

It says,

ER Docs. Without the ER.

Advocate Good Shepherd
Outpatient Center

is on the the left hand side beneath the big print.

On the right hand side is

Immediate Care
Crystal Lake

Unfortunately, it gives folks no idea where in Crystal Lake.

On Route 31 facing north where people traveling from McHenry can see it, if they look behind the Citgo station, is a similar message from Centegra.

It says,

Immediate Care

Below, on the left hand side, is

Crystal Lake


On the right hand side of the bottom of the billboard is

West of
Tom’s Market

Good Shepherd’s message about ER docs is presumably what differentiates its service from Centegra’s.

The doctors staffing that office from 8-8 each day of the week are all Board Certified Emergency Care physicians.

But, there’s no way anyone could figure out where it is located from the billboard.

The Centegra billboard’s message, on the other hand, directs anyone interested to locations which are easy to find.

= = = = =
My brother-in-law, Dr. Joseph Giangrasso, heads up Good Shepherd’s emergency room operation.

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