“How Dare They?”

That’s the headline that the Northwest Herald put on a letter from my 90-something friend Julie Covert in Saturday’s paper.

I suspect that Julie would have preferred

How Dare They!

There certainly wasn’t any doubt in her mind when we discussed it at dinner with her and Leona Nelson, another 90-something.

Both were incensed that the McHenry County College Board is paying ex-MCC president Walt Packard over $200,000 a year through next June and his and his wife’s health insurance through mid-August 21, 2012!

Yes, that deserves an exclamation mark, too.

It’s quite a golden parachute.

It’s good to see the latest article about Packard in the Northwest Herald reports this information.

= = = = =
That’s Julie Covert sitting and Leona Nelson standing behind her. Julie organized a manufacturing plant in Chicago that was paying women less than men.

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