Pig Doings in Island Lake

May 3rd, the day my computer crashed, I attended Bob Wargaski’s Pigapalooza in Island Lake at the corner of Dowell and Darrell Roads.

This is the site of the NIMBY pig farm.

The pig farm was stimulated by Island Lake’s sneaky village board’s having made a deal with a developer to switch the site for a well from the preferred site on a hill to a lower spot where home sites would be worth less.

The pig roast was to celebrate Wargaski’s pig pen victory over village hall.

I got a tour of the concrete block pig pen.

Wargaski told me it was the smallest in Illinois.

When he showed me the inside, I discovered it was empty.

No pigs.

That surprised me.

What’s a pig farm without pigs?

But, Wargaski explained, the pig pen had the essential element needed to stop a nearby well—poop in the hole.

The hole is under the slates in the bottom of the pig pen.

It seems that as long as there is pig poop in that hole a well cannot be built next door.

A water tower could still be put up across from Wargaski’s home, but the way he figures it, the cost of electricity to pump the water from another well would be prohibitive.

With as many politically active people gathered together, you can guess that I picked up some good rumors.

Lake County State’s Attorney’s investigators are talking to village employees.

Sometime this week seems to be a date by which those not pleased with the way outgoing and arrested Mayor Tom Hyde ran things expect something to happen.

Time will tell.


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  1. I think Mr. Wargaski should eventually toss his cowboy hat into the mayoral race. What do you think, Bobby? Maybe even governor? You have my support.

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