PACE Waste

I made what I thought was a pretty simple request of PACE, the suburban bus company which also runs paratransit in the City of Chicago because the CTA is too incompetent to do so.

Looking for how high the subsidies are in McHenry County, I asked for

“Cost and subsidy per ride per route and Dial-a-Ride service provider covering any part of McHenry County for the latest year available.”

I also asked that

“any charge be waived in the public interest, that public interest being McHenry County residents have a public interest in knowing how their tax dollars are spent.”

This story is about the request for waiver of fees.

When postage was 42 cents per ounce, I got a reply saying that if I would send 25 cents Freedom of Information Officer Thomas Ciecko, who is apparently also the PACE general counsel, would send me the answer to my FOI inquiry.

Does it strike anyone but me a bit weird that a tax-supported agency would spend 42 cents to collect a quarter?

Actually, they would have to use one 42 cent stamp and one 44 cent one.

Cost-benefit analysis seems to be a foreign concept to this RTA subsidiary.

And, it cost more than a 42 cent stamp…unless the general counsel’s secretary has nothing better to do than to send me a letter asking for the quarter.

I thought I sent in the money and, after a month or so, I called to find out where the piece of paper was.

Peggy Sweeney told nothing had been received, so I sent a 25 cent check, wondering how much it costs PACE to process a payment.

I wonder if PACE is asking for more money from the Regional Transportation Authority.

And, my request wasn’t fulfilled, so I’ve left a message with PACE asking why.

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