Message of the Day – A Button

You know I’m a sucker for a political button.

So, when I saw the one above on the south side of the Old State Capitol Saturday and the Old Capitol Art Fair, I knew I had to get a photo.

The woman wearing it readily agreed, asking if we “on the same side.”

I told her we weren’t, but that I loved political messages.

When I got home I saw an article by McLean County Pundit about how pro-lifers now claim a majority of the public in America 51% to 42%. (Click to enlarge.)

A year ago it was 50% to 44% for President Barack Obama’s side of the issue.

The full Gallup Poll article is here.

In 2004, which the button indicates its wearer went to Washington for Planned Parenthood, the public was pro-choice 48%-44%.

The red, white and black button says,

April 25, 2004 Washington, D.C.

The “P” in “UP” is the Planned Parenthood stylized “P.”

The exclamation point is to the right of both of the top two lines, which are all in capital letters.

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