Township Supervisor Salaries

Today is the day township supervisors get sworn in.

These jobs are plums in the suburbs.

You can see why by clicking on the chart and looking at what township supervisors get paid in the five largest McHenry County Townships, plus Dundee Township in Kane County.

My thanks to former Algonquin village Trustee Marc Avelar for preparing the data.

And, for those interested in why people really run for office, please take a look at this story.

There are three reasons besides the motherhood, apple pie, American flag, and public service pitches you hear during the campaign. Financial remuneration is only one of them.

All three are visible in the link above and here.

And, just to make the salaries searchable, I’ll list what the township supervisors salaries start at for this term:

Algonquin – $61,119
Dorr – $36,454
Dundee – $40,000
Grafton – $54,476
McHenry – $68,667
Nunda $66,900

Here’s what they will be in 2012:

Algonquin – $67,764
Dorr – $39,834
Dundee – $40,000
Grafton – $60,703
McHenry – $73,417
Nunda $75,253

All of these salaries were set before the people now taking office were elected.

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