Island Lake Upstarts Turn Table of New, But Not a Reform Mayor

Here’s what an Island Lake friend of McHenry County Blog wrote me about tonight’s village board meeting:

If you visit the Island Lake Blog (What’s Happening in Island Lake?) you will see that tonight’s agenda was

  1. pass an ordinance that allowed fining a trustee $100 if that person did not quiet down when requested by the new mayor Debbie Herrmann (this was directed at trustee (Don) Saville and actually any trustee that was digging too deep)
  2. accept the resignation of trustee Rich Garling, because he is not a resident of Island Lake
  3. appoint ex-Trustee (Don) Versiglio to fill the seat of Garling

If you notice, Debbie Herrmann put the vote on ordinance in before Garling resigned, if the trustees voted, it would have been a three yes and three no with the Mayor breaking the tie.

Actually Garling has not been living in town for quite some time but she was going to use him on that vote tonight before he resigned.

John Ponio, (Laurie) Rabattini and (Don) Saville did not show up tonight and Herrmann did not have a quorum.

Meeting lasted 9 minutes and Mayor Herrmann was steaming.

She no longer has the votes to put in who she wants to fill the vacancy, it could be the good guys will be in the driver’s seat yet.

This can all be confirmed on the blog, the recording of the meeting is being posted right now.

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The head shot is of Rich Garling, whom neighbors say has not been seen at his home for a long time (snow not shoveled, etc.).

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