Senate Sales Tax Targets

Use any of the services listed below?

Expect to pay 6.25% more for them, if the House passes the Senate income and sales tax hike bill. And, that’s assuming local governments don’t lay on their 1 to 1.75% (Crystal Lake and Algonquin) municipal sales tax.

Warehousing and storage
Travel agent services
Carpet and upholstery cleaning services
Dating services

Dry cleaning and laundry, except coin-operated
Consumer goods rental

Health clubs, tanning parlors, reducing salons

Linen supply

Interior design services

Other business services, including copy shops

Bowling Centers

Coin operated video games and pinball machines

Membership fees in private clubs

Admission to spectator sports (excluding horsetracks)
Admission to cultural events
Billiard Parlors
Scenic and sightseeing transportation

Taxi and Limousine services

Unscheduled chartered passenger air transportation

Motion picture theaters, except drive-in theaters

Pet grooming

Landscaping services (including lawn care)

Income from intrastate transportation of persons


Household goods storage
Cold storage

Marina Service (docking, storage, cleaning, repair)
Marine towing service (including tugboats)

Gift and package wrapping service

Laundry and dry cleaning services, coin-operated
Other services to buildings and dwellings
Water softening and conditioning
Internet Service Providers

Short term auto rental
Information Services
Amusement park admission and rides
Circuses and fairs — admission and games

Cable and other program distribution

Rental of video tapes for home viewing

This is, of course, in addtiion to the 67% income tax hike the Senate Democrats passed.

ā€œCan we move now?ā€

my wife asked this morning.

Want to guess how much it will cost the State of Illinois when people like us move South?

You can contact your legislator by calling 217-782-2000. That’s the state switchboard.

= = = = =
Crystal Lake’s Vogue Cleaners is one of the service businesses that Democrats want to collect sales taxes for state government.

The Health Bridge health club is Centegra’s on Algonquin Road in Huntley.

Wickham Interiors is already taxed on what it sells. Now Lynn will be taxed on her interior decoration advice.

The Brunswick Zone is in Algonquin.

The two women are playing golf at the Crystal Lake Country Club.

The taxis are at the Crystal Lake train station.

Mark Indyke’s Route 47 Woodstock pet grooming service, Dog in Suds, will be taxed.

The Showplace theater is not in Crystal Lake. It is in the development that Chicago Alderman Ike Carothers is charged with taking a bribe to help zone.

The lawn service truck is on Spruce Lane near South Grade School in Crystal Lake.

The dragon is on top of the mini-storage facility in Crystal Lake near Teddy’s Liquors.

The flooded marina is on the Chain of Lakes.

The tug boat with a winch is speeding to a job on Wonder Lake.

The laundromat, used mainly by poor folks, is on Route 14 across from Andy’s Family Restaurant in Crystal Lake.

The carnival ride is at Lakeside Center in McHenry County.

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