McHenry County Township Pork

inlThe state’s got financial problems right?

Not that you could notice from the infrastructure bill that was passed.

Let’s eavesdrop on two McHenry County legislators discussing what to put in it.

Legislator A: “Let’s give at least $75,000 to every township road commission in McHenry County. They’re powerful people.”

Legislator B: “But, some of them don’t need state money.”

Legislator A: “Hey, no problem. We’ve got plenty.”

Legislator B: “Yeah. It’s coming from those slots we’re going to put in the convenience stores and bars.”

Legislator A: “What should we do about the big townships?”

Legislator B: “We’ll just give them more.”

Legislator A: “Whether they need it or not?”

Legislator B: “Did you really ask that question?”

Here’s the $1.895 million that McHenry County’s 17 township road commissioners are slated to get from the new capital bill:

  • Alden – $75,000
  • Algonquin – $495,000
  • Burton – $75,000
  • Chemung – $75,00
  • Coral – $75,000
  • Dunham – $75,000
  • Grafton – $200,000
  • Greenwood – $75,000
  • Hartland – $75,000
  • Hebron – $75,000
  • Marengo – $75,000
  • McHenry – $150,000
  • Nunda – $75,000
  • Richmond – $75,000
  • Riley – $75,000
  • Seneca – $75,000

And, if there were any doubt where $125,000 of Grafton Township’s money came from, click on the part of the bill I have posted. It has a


between Section 663 and Section 664.

I’ve never seen that type of a section before, but staffers probably put a legislator’s name on each section before the numbers were inserted.

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