The Devil Made Me Do It

666 is the mark of the beast.

In my Wednesday article on township pork, I missed

Section 666

I did wonder why Nunda Township, the fourth largest township in McHenry County, got only $75,000 of legislative pork from the not yet signed capital bill financed largely by neighborhood slot machines, while Algonquin received $495,000, McHenry $250,000 and Grafton $200,000.

When I read the First Electric Newspaper, a new venture of Columbia Journalism School graduate Pete Gonigam, I saw that he was reporting Nunda’s share as $285,000.

Then I got a project list from Rep. Mike Tryon’s office which listed $175,000 for Nunda Townshp. Let’s see, $75,000 plus $175,000 is $285,000.

Too much of a coincidence.

So I looked at House Bill 313 again and found

Section 666

It contained the $175,000 I missed on Wednesday night.

So, here’s an article of correction.

Nunda didn’t get a mere $75,000, the same amount the littlest townships got. It is scheduled to get $285,000, the rest compliments to Rep. Tryon.

So, the township total in McHenry County is not the $1.9 million I reported Wednesday.

It’s $2.05 million.

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