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Crystal Lake’s Patrick Murfin writes the blog

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He also ran for Nunda Township Trustee this past spring with running mate Meredith Reid Sarkees.

Even though the Dems knocked on doors, they lost.

Murfin, Secretary of the McHenry County Democratic Party offered an analysis of the election.

Murfin’s comments on my township pork article and focuses on his township, Nunda, which Murfin says is

“a wholly owned subsidiary of Brent Smith Empire Builders Inc.”

More analysis, focusing on Republican Precinct Committeeman Brent Smith, a member of Local 150 of the Operating Engineers, suggesting Smith would take over from Nunda Township Road Commissioner Don Kopsel and

He has this intriguing sentence, among others:

“Smith clearly is aiming to seize leadership in the County party at the head of resurgent conservative purists out to purge ‘trimmers’ and suspected moderates like Tryon.”

Part of the article is based on my incorrect information that Nunda Township only received $75,000, as the least populated townships did. That proved incorrect, as I learned on a new Southeastern McHenry County information source, the First Electric Newspaper, written by Columbia Journalism School grad Pete Gonigam. My correction is here:

The Devil Made Me Do It

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