Congressional Pork – Melissa Bean and Don Manzullo; $300,000 for Turning Point

sshjIt doesn’t seem that long ago that I was writing about Washington Pork.

In fact, it was last March.

Let’s look at what the two congressional representatives from McHenry County are requesting in the Commerce, Justice and Science budget. (Hat tip to Respublica down Collinsville way.)

Don Manzullo is requesting the following:

  • $250,000 – Rockford Crimefighting Technology Initiative
  • $250,000 – Communications Equipment for Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department

Melissa Bean wants the following:

  • $675,00 – along with Peter Roskam – Atmospheric Detection Equipment For the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System at the Glencoe Department of Public Safety
  • $300,000 – Turning Point

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