Real Deterrence for Illinois Political Crooks

Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Waller seems on track to do what the U.S. Attorney has not been able to do.

Put fear into crooked Illinois politicians.

At least in Lake County.


He has indicted former Mayor Tom Hyde of Island Lake for a second time for official misconduct—three counts so far, I think—and his wife Sharon on one count.

They are, of course, considered not guilty until proven otherwise.

I have written elsewhere on the charges, which I had to obtain through the grapevine because Waller’s office did not return my phone call request for details of about 3:30 Wednesday afternoon.

Please excuse the digression.

Any Lake County politician convicted of a crime by the Lake County State’s Attorney would serve time in a state prison.

From my service on the Prison Reform Committee during the 1990’s, I can tell you that no one who has been in an Illinois prison would want a friend or relative incarcerated there.

Once word about Illinois prison conditions get around, that should have a deterrent effect.

We’re not talking Club Fed here.

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The photos were provided by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. They were taken during the Hyde’s June 10th booking.

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