Message of the Day – A Newspaper Ad

This ad was placed last Christmas by Hobby Lobby. (Click to enlarge.)

That’s the store that closes on Sunday, the way most stores did.

When I attended Oberlin College from 1960-64, the only stores that seemed to be open on Sunday were stores that sold milk, although I do remember buying a Sunday paper at the corner drug store. It was the only time I saw college President Robert Carr out of a suit.

The message on the full-page ad is

I need you to
Build a

Here are all the
tools you will need.

See you soon-


The above message is on ancient paper and a hammer and three stakes are on it.

“That’s what Christ did definitively, suffered
because of others’ sins, the Righteous One
for the unrighteous ones. He went through
it all, was put to death and then made alive
to bring us God.”

1 Peter, 3:18 The Message

If you would like to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, call the Need Him Ministry at 1-888-NEED HIM.
Hobby Lobby, Hemispheres and Mardel Stores – 7704 S.W. 44th St. – Oklahoma City, OK 73179

Below the ad are three words from Pope John Paul II:

“Be not afraid.”

I include it because every book in the Bible tells not to be afraid.

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