Democrats Conduct Mini-Campaign Seminar at Woodstock Farm Bureau

It was free and worth more than the price of admission.

Attended by 35-40 McHenry County Democrats, a panel of four speakers talked of what one needed to be a successful candidate.

Michael Bisset, husband of and campaign manager for McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen in her upset campaign last fall, summed the estentials up in three words:




“Most of you will find time is your strength.

“I started working on my campaign literature a year in advance,” newly elected county board member Yensen said later.

“Our secret weapon is time and message and passion to win,” Bissett said.

Mike Fourcher gave tried and try advice about raising money.

The essential, of course, is


Locally, Fourcher worked on Patrick Ouimet’s and Bill Gentes’ Illinois state senate campaigns. He founded purely political consulting after working more recently with the Haymarket Group, among others.

8th District Committeewoman for the Illinois Democratic Central Committee Nancy Shepherdson told of running for state representative twice against Lake County’s Ed Sullivan,

“Every time I ran, he got fewer votes.”

Shepherdson urged candidates to find something to be passionate about and had some really good advice regarding attitude:

“If you’re not having fun, why do it?”

She also thinks every candidate in every incumbent should have an opponent.

Tom Cynor, who was slated to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for State’s Attorney, stressed the need for money, especially for a countywide campaign.

He pointed out that there are 200,000 voters to court.

“You’re looking at a large number of folks.

“That means, unfortunately, money.

“The business of running for countywide office is raising money.

“(If you can’t raise the money) you don’t have an honest and valid shot at winning the office.

“It’s a huge, huge undertaking.”

He recommended having a war chest of at least $100,000 to run for county office.

“(Raising the money) is a task the candidate can’t be bashful about. If you’re bashful about anything, you shouldn’t be running for countywide office.”

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Mike Bissett is seen in the first table shot. Behind him is Tom Cynor and Nancy Shepherdson. Below Mike Fourcher’s slide and shadow is Nancy Shepherdson. At the bottom is Tom Cynor with Shepherdson again int he background.


Democrats Conduct Mini-Campaign Seminar at Woodstock Farm Bureau — 3 Comments

  1. Now I understand why there is a lack of Democratic candidates and office holders in McHenry County. The party, first and foremost, has NO message. It's kinda like the national GOP.
    Ms. Shepherdson does not belong in politics. When she made the comment about "being one step above" those to whom you are campaigning to, I came unglued inside. Any candidate who follows that woman's advice DOES NOT deserve to be elected.
    If this party has any chance in the future, it needs a message that it controls. Additionally, it needs some very qualified people at the helm.

  2. First, Democrats have a message if you are willing to listen to it. We want to stop the destruction of our water resources and the pillaging of our property values caused by the rampant over development being allowed by the Republican administration. The current government by special interest is unsustainable and will destroy this county.

    Second, you misquoted Ms. Shepherdson. She did not say the candidate should be one step above those you are campaigning to, she said you should dress one step above the area you are campaigning in as a sign of respect to the people you are meeting. There is a difference.

  3. I was pretty tired when I wrote the article. If I misquoted her, I apologize.

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