T-Mobile Going after Crystal Lake Country Club Cellular Tower Site

I’m no cell phone expert, but, with the defeat of the T-Mobile cellular proposal to put a tower in Ken Bird Park, a proposal that has just surfaced to put one on Crystal Lake Country Club property may be to take up the slack the company perceives.

The following email was sent to Crystal Lake Country Club members yesterday:

June 17, 2009

Fellow Members,

As some of you know, or have heard before, we have been negotiating with T-Mobile to allow a cell phone tower to be erected on Club property. I’m pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with them and I share the basic facts with you below.

It was not an easy process — they kept dragging their feet or changing terms or specifics for most of the past year. We finally got a signed agreement which covers the following basic points:

  • The agreement is a 10-year lease with the right to extend for two more 10-year periods.
  • T-Mobile has the option to exercise the lease for one year for $2500 and they have the right to extend the option for a second year for another $2500.
  • The property being leased is a small parcel (about 4600 square feet) bounded by the maintenance shed, Barlina Rd and the fence behind the 3rd tee. The tower will be about 80` high.
  • T-Mobile has the sole responsibility to obtain appropriate approval from the City of Crystal Lake for the tower and has sole responsibility for the costs and the building of the tower. CLCC has nothing to do with and no expense for these aspects.
  • T-Mobile will pay rent at $1900 per month, escalating at 4% per year for the duration of the lease.
  • T-Mobile will pay us reasonable attorney fees for executing the agreement.
  • T-Mobile cannot sublet space on the tower without CLCC executing an agreement with the sublessor.

T-Mobile has already paid us the initial option fee and attorney fees. As noted, T-Mobile has the responsibility to get city approval. We have no responsibility in this regard and will wait to hear what happens.

I will keep you updated on further developments.

Thank you,

Chuck Ebann
Crystal Lake Country Club

The Crystal Lake Park District was going to get $2,000 a month. I wonder why the country club is getting less. Maybe it’s because of the 4% annual increase in the $1,900 a month rent.

There was this vibrant park board meeting where Ken Bird Park neighbors expressed their concerns.

As stated in the email, Crystal Lake City Council permission is required. I wonder if Four Colonies residents will take offense similar to that of Ken Bird Park area residents.

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The top photo was seen at the park board meeting. The bottom one is of the maintenance building from Barlina Road. I would assume the third tee is to the west.

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