Northwest Herald Editorializes Against Grafton Township Hall

Back in late February Dan Ziller, Jr., put signs up in Crystal Lake and elsewhere in support of his write-in candidacy for the Grafton Township Board.

On the bottom of the signs was

No $3.5 Mil Town Hall

Before that, on January 26th, township supervisor challenger Linda Moore surfaced her opposition to the $3.5 million new township building.

Moore made a mailing I posted on February 9th asking

“What If Someone Put a Second Mortgage on Your Home…Without Asking Your Permission?”

In all, there have been 39 McHenry County Blog articles mentioning the proposed $3.5 million town hall.

Today, when I opened up my Northwest Herald, I saw its editorial’s headline:

No to Grafton
‘Taj Mahal’

Of course, earlier this week Moore and Ziller won their battle to get rid of the loan that Judge Michael Caldwell ruled had been approved with inadequate public notice.

It cost the taxpayers bundles of money. And it cost those who sued Grafton Township to stop the trustees from proceeding with the building thousands, too.

The editorial mentions that Moore would like a referendum, concluding that the need for a new building is “frivolous at best,” while hinting the paper would editorialize against any such referendum.

None of the trustees, of course, favor holding a referendum, because they think it would be defeated.

They don’t accept the 30-vote margin that defeated incumbent Township Supervisor John Rossi as a proxy for a referendum.

Then, the editorial notes that Grafton Township homeowners are overtaxed.

For an explanation of why, click here.

Ziller lost his write-in attempt, but he won the policy battle.

At least so far.

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