Shepley’s 1st Sales Tax Birthday Missed

July 1st came and went and McHenry County Blog didn’t mention that Mayor Aaron Shepley’s and his city council’s 75% city sales tax hike was one year old.

I can blame being at Mesa Verde and more worried that Illinois Democrats had hiked my income tax 50% the day before than the Crystal Lake sales tax I was avoiding while on vacation.

Newspaper junkie that I am, I have been reading two weeks of accumulated dead trees at McHenry Marlin swim meets.

I finally ran across the Chicago Tribune for July 1st.

What did I find but the graphic above.

And a scathing editorial about Todd Stroeger’s sales tax that took effect the same day as Shepley’s.

Recognition is better late than never, I guess.

The city council hiked the city sales tax 75% after giving the public only one week’s notice.

It was right before the Democratic Party RTA sales tax hike took effect. The bill was passed with the help of three DuPage County Republicans seeking statewide office.


Shepley’s 1st Sales Tax Birthday Missed — 2 Comments

  1. Mesa Verde? You stay in Cortez? That's where I graduated HS. Gorgeous country, out there.

  2. We did stay in Cortez. Saw a skunk out the window going behind an air conditioner across the alley, but wasn't quick enough to get a picture.

    Haven't gotten one of the one that walks and has sprayed twice under our kitchen window in Lakewood either.

    Great little courtyard at the motel.

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