GOP Gubernatorial Candidate State Senator Matt Murphy in Crystal Lake Friday Night

Details below are provided by youngish Republican Joe Stefani, a newly-elected member of the Algonquin Library Board:

“Last night I was invited to sit down for dinner with State Senator Matt Murphy along with several other younger Republicans from McHenry County at Nick’s Pizza & Pub in Crystal Lake.

“The only things I have heard about State Senator Murphy before last night was what I had read in the press, so I took a few minutes before going last night to do some research on Murphy and thought carefully on what I was going to ask him.

“With myself I have to think about locally what his impact will be but also in Rockford, where my minor league baseball team will begin playing next season.

“I’ve met a lot of candidates in my day, but Murphy floored me in a way that no others had.

“He was extremely personable like no other I met before, answered numerous challenging questions but most importantly, he actually did something that very few candidates have done so far in Illinois on the Republican side, he painted a picture for all of us there and actually made it one we could actually believe in and not one full of false promises.

“State Senator Murphy said he was on a mission to make Illinoisans proud of their state once again.

“After last night, I think that this guy might be the new face of the Republican party here in Illinois.”

McHenry County Blog has written this article about Murphy’s Senate floor opposition to the Democrats’ 67% income tax hike bill, Senate Bill 744.

Murphy is from Palatine.


GOP Gubernatorial Candidate State Senator Matt Murphy in Crystal Lake Friday Night — 5 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear Matt Murphy isn't proud of Illinois. I hope he doesn't get bombarded with criticism like our first lady was when she made a similar comment. But he won't will he?

    Got to hand it to you Republicans- you're not good at much but you've got HYPOCRISY down!

  2. I think that's a clear twisting of words. If anything else, I think the same "hypocrisy" argument can be said by trying to do the same thing that Republican strategists did during the POTUS election.

    Having said that, some contextual understanding could help here, too. Matt Murphy, in saying he wants to give ILLINOISIANS something to be proud of again in the governor, was merely recognizing what is a given fact – our gubernatorial office has not been that source of pride it once was and could be. Says nothing of his own personal beliefs, which I'd venture to say is one of extreme pride and dedication.

    Michelle Obama's commented needs to be taken in the context of the fact that she reflected a sentiment that America never gave her a reason to be proud before her husband – as a black American – was given the true opportunity to be president. She spoke of her OWN pride and dedication, not the other way around.

    Now, having said all that – it's a wash, because ridiculing both are bogus arguments. So, as much as Republicans are hypocrites, Democrats are just as much. The power elite in both organizations are short on principles, high on power.

  3. Well Rob, I'd say it an absolute given fact that the Bush administration gave us nothing to be proud of as Americans.

  4. 1. No, that's not true. I'm very proud at a number of things the Bush Administration did – some efforts were successful, some were not.

    2. I'm displeased at a number of things Bush did, as well. His spending policies were just horrific, for example.

    3. That's a diversionary argument, because your president is not what should give you pride of your country. What makes me proud to be an American citizen is the degree of opportunity that we have – and our opportunities in this country far surpass any other in the world.

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