Ignoring Jack Franks

When I saw this Tribune article on Saturday, it was clear that the gubernatorial ambitions expressed by McHenry County Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks were not being taken seriously by Tribune political writer Rick Pearson.

Franks’ name does not appear in the story, despite Franks’ having been mentioned on Friday morning television shows, including on WGN, owned by the Chicago Tribune.

It was Governor Pat Quinn attacking State Comptroller Dan Hynes.

No mention of Franks.

His family may have enough money to finance a gubernatorial campaign, but it is necessary to have people think you have a chance to garner political support.

Meeting with the close-mouthed mayor is not enough.

So, I reiterate that Franks would be better served to concentrate on one of the two financial offices, neither of which will have an incumbent with Hynes running for governor and Alexi Giannoulias having just announced for the U.S. Senate, or lieutenant governor.

And Republicans in his district who want to take back the seat are undoubtedly already getting ready to pass petitions at the McHenry County Fair, the same way Democrat Robert Kaempfe is in his quest to give State Rep. Mike Tryon competition.

So far, only Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager, recently retired from McHenry County College, has done anything I’ve noticed. (If you know others who are interested, please drop me an email. The address is down to the right.)

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The Tribune’s ignoring of Jack Franks‘ potential candidacy for governor continued on Monday, July 27, 2009.

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