Woodstock’s Gus Philpott Running for McHenry County Sheriff

McHenry County Blog has received the following press release from Woodstock resident Gus Philpott:

Gus Philpott Running for Sheriff on the Green Party Ticket

Gus Philpott, Woodstock, Ill., has announced his candidacy for the Office of Sheriff of McHenry County, Ill.

Philpott, who will run as a Green Party candidate, is concerned about arrest procedures that recently attracted considerable adverse publicity to the Sheriff’s Department.

Reports of racial profiling are of high concern to him, too.

Other areas of great concern are the number of at-fault traffic accidents involving deputies and the high legal expenses incurred by the Sheriff’s Department.

Philpott will begin circulating petitions in August for his run to be the next Sheriff in McHenry County. The Primary Election will be February 2, 2010, and the General Election will be November 2, 2010.

If he gets enough signatures, Philpott will be on the February Green Party primary ballot. Undoubtedly, he will be unopposed.

There are no hints that local Democrats will challenge any of the GOP countywide officeholders.

So, next fall, it will be Philpott versus long-time incumbent Republican Sheriff Keith Nygren.

If Philpott receives a mere 5% of the vote, Green Party candidates will have four more years of not having to meet draconian third party petition signature requirements.

Last year, Green Party candidate Frank Wedig of Woodstock ran for county board. This year, he ran for Dorr Township Trustee. He had 84% of the votes of the lowest Republican vote getter.

Philpott writes the blog “Woodstock Advocate,” often commenting on law enforcement matters.


Woodstock’s Gus Philpott Running for McHenry County Sheriff — 2 Comments

  1. Here is my opinion about Gus and his running for office:

    Heaven help the county if this guy gets into office! His hatred of police shows clearly in his posts. Without any real knowledge of police training and procedures, he jumps to inaccurate conclusions and vilifies police officers for doing their jobs?

    Ever get pulled over for speeding and get a warning? Good luck with that if he ever gets elected! He ENJOYS causing traffic blockages and gets upset at anyone that dares pass him on the highway. Officer discretion on issuing citations after a traffic accident? There will be no such thing as officer discretion if he gets elected, he has already stated this in his blog. You WILL be issued a ticket and you WILL have to go to court. By order of the Sheriff! He can not become a real police officer due to his lack of training and his age. What he wants desperately id to become a cop. Since he can't do it as a regular cop, he is running for sheriff!

    Here is a novel idea! How about electing a sheriff that has been a police officer in Illinois? One that has actually had police training? One that might actually KNOW how to do the job that he will be instructing and commanding others to do.

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