Looking Like You Are Listening

I can’t resist this puff piece from the Chicago Tribune making it look like a Democratic Party congressman from Colorado (Ed Perimutter) is listening to his constituents on health care reform.

It’s a coffee, folks.

Not a lot of people attend coffees in homes.

And you have to be invited. Even when you invite everyone in a precinct, it’s hard to fill a room.

And, you can bet the invitations to this coffee did not go to critics.

This is not a town hall meeting where anyone can come.

I read the story and discovered that it is about reviving the Barack Obama campaign organization.

No way the Chicago Tribune is going to write a story about 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean has not scheduled a town hall event on health care, right?


Looking Like You Are Listening — 2 Comments

  1. Maybe we could get Congresswoman Bean to hold a town hall if we could get an amendment snuck in the healthcare bill which would allow Canadian National trains to run at 55 miles per hour through Barrington. Frankly, we wouldn't hear the end of her.
    Once again, I'd like to point out that, in her career on The Hill, Bean has accepted $431,553 from the insurance industry and $205,330 from the pharmaceutical/health products industry. Do you honestly think this woman will make waves?
    And, in the last election cycle, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ran a TON of ads for Bean. And their position on healthcare reform? "Say no to government-run healthcare" is the title of the website they sponsor: http://www.responsiblehealthreform.org.
    And, has anyone seen a statement from Bean on this important issue?
    Frankly, she's not going to touch this with a 10-foot pole.
    Damned if she do. Damned if she don't.

  2. Oops! I goofed. On Bean's website, there is a pretty benign statement on health care.

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