Family PAC Chicago River Cruise Features Conservative Politicians, Activists – Part 2

This is the second in a series of posting about the folks I saw on Family PAC’s summer cruise on the Chicago River. You can find the first here. Here’s U.S. Senator Thomas Coburn’s thoughts on health care reform.

Vernon Township Republican Committeeman Don Castella was among those greeted by Senator Tom Coburn as he boarded for the cruise.

Here State Representative Bob Biggins (on the left) visits with State Representative Ron Wait’s Legislative Assistant Verna Rightnowar and Wait (on the right).

In order to get home from the Senate session earlier, Senator Coburn addressed the crowd before the boat left the dock.

He explained that those without health coverage include 16 million eligible for Medicaid, 11 million illegals, 11 million who earn more than $75,000 a year and 11 million who can’t get or afford health insurance. (More here.)

After finishing his summary of the legislation that passed out of the committee on which he serves on a straight party vote, Coburn took some questions from the audience.

More pictures tomorrow.

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