Huntley District 158 Breaks Promise to Post Board Packet When Board Receives Theirs

Huntley School District 158 School Superintendent John Burkey promised to post the board packet information when the board receives their info.

As of 1:30 this afternoon there was no board packet posted under “packet.”

When you clicked the link it went nowhere.

Now it works, a few hours before the meeting tonight. Only about a 100 pages to read.

Including the budget.

What most people call State Aid to Education is up $2,036,702, according to a memo dated six days ago from Comptroller Mark Altmayer

Offset by cuts in other special categories, the net increase is up $1.7 million.

How “bleak” (a term Superintendent Burkey used in the past) is Huntley 158’s budget?

It shows a surplus of more than $2.3 million for this year in District 158 ending fund balances. That’s the opposite of bleak.

With such a large surplus and after listening to over two nights of meetings with special ed parents about a month ago, did Burkey increase special ed funding as much as a dollar?

The answer appears to be “No.”

How can you tell? This might offer a clue:

“…there are no changes to the previously budgeted expenditures.”

If the Federal stimulus money for special ed has not been increased to the full amount the district is receiving, the special ed parents wasted two nights.

Don’t be surprised if special ed parents follow through with a class action suit.

This is what happens when a bureaucracy won’t budge and compromise to meet their legal obligations to educate parents’ children.

Apparently “we care about kids” is a slogan used only when the school district wants to hike taxes.

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While scrolling through the Expenditure Budget I found this “DO NOT USE FOR BUDGET” message:

I wonder what it means.

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