MCC-Metra to Meet

The word I got from McHenry County College officials is that the new interim president, Larry Tyree, and two trustees will meeting with Metra officials.

Executive Director Phil Pagano will be among those on the Metra side of the table.

Too bad the meeting will not be in public.

There are significant issues of process that need to be thoroughly ventilated.

It is beyond belief, well, at least understanding, that Metra did not contact the college between the time the favored Ridgefield site was selected on January 5, 2009, and last Friday when the Metra board approved the $1.5 million land purchase from a trust owned jointly by McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler and his Flowerwood partner’s estate.

It’s good to have Interim President Tyree on board.

With former President Walt Packard’s expensive retirement, Interim President Brian Sager’s retirement and Ron Ally’s taking the Chief Financial Officer’s post at Elgin School District 46, MCC has resembled a headless horseman.

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The picture is of McHenry County College Interim President Larry Tyree.

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