YR Meeting Tonight at Crystal Lake’s 1776

While the McHenry County Young Republicans met Sunday in Crystal Lake’s Veterans Acres for a Petition Party, they will meet tonight at 7 PM at the upscale 1776 Restaurant on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

The YR weekly newsletter reports that the following candidates attended their Petition Party:

  • Congressman Don Manzullo
  • State Senator/Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Murphy from Palatine
  • United State Senate Candidate Ed Varga from Richmond
  • McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren
  • McHenry County Treasurer Bill LeFew
  • McHenry County Board Members/Candidates
Tina Hill and John Jung from District 5
Barbara Wheeler and Nick Provenzano from District 3

= = = = =
Gubernatorial candidate State Senator Matt Murphy can be seen in the red shirt to the left of the top photo and on the left hand side facing right in the bottom picture. Sheriff Keith Nygren is sitting at the picnic table in the top shot looking right. His wife Marge is sitting across from him. Standing behind Nygren in that same picture is County Treasurer Bill LeFew. STAR 105 FM radio newsman Stew Cohen is standing next to LeFew, facing the end of the table. YR Jon Heideman, who is running for Republican precinct committeeman in Nunda 19, is in the foreground right looking away from the camera. He was the grill master.

In the bottom photo, McHenry County Board candidate John Jung is center right facing right next to Brent Smith. Again, you can see YR Jon Heideman’s back in the foreground left.

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