Zane Seipler Challenging Keith Nygren for McHenry County Sheriff

The McHenry County Sheriff’s race just got more interesting.

July 29th, Gus Philpott announced he was running for sheriff on the Green Party Ticket.

Now, former sheriff’s deputy Zane Seipler, a resident of Woodstock, has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office.

In a letter sent to Republican precinct committeemen, Seipler wrote,

“I am sending you this letter to ask for your help in circulating and obtaining signatures for my petition to run for Sheriff. With your help, I think a much needed change can be made in the Sheriff’s Department. Enclosed you will find two petitions…If you have any questions, you may contact me at my campaign phone which is (847) 561-1180 or at

“I would like to say ‘thank you’ in advance. Rosalinda (my wife) and I are incredibly grateful for your support and assistance…”

So, there will both a GOP primary race and a contest in the general election. And, whether the rumor I picked up at the McHenry County Fair that there will be a Democratic Party challenger remains to be seen.

Seipler is known to readers of McHenry County Blog through the following articles

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Incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren is running for re-election. He had $122,712.48 in his campaign fund on June 30th. Sheriff Nygren is holding a $40 a plate fundraiser on September 10th at Donley’s Wild West Town.

You can find Seipler on the internet at and “Supporters of Zane Seipler for McHenry County Sheriff” on Facebook

The other candidates for sheriff do not seem to have a campaign web site, although Woodstock’s Philpot does publish “Woodstock Advocate,” a blog with a fair amount of reporting and commentary on law enforcement.


Zane Seipler Challenging Keith Nygren for McHenry County Sheriff — 3 Comments

  1. and "Supporters of Zane Seipler for McHenry County Sheriff" on Facebook

  2. What a joke. I laughed aloud when I saw this.

    Mr. Skinner… I didn't know your blog was comedy.

  3. Oh goodie! A GOP primary for sheriff. Time to make the "Cell Phone Sheriff" spend some of that campaign dough. And where are the Democrats? Probably still digesting that stunning campaign advice from the June meeting. I swear to God that the McHenry County Democratic Committee reminds me of "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight".

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